To Mr. Internet, a tribute

I’ve been thinking all day about how much I love the Internet.  So I made up this little tribute to Mr. Internet, just for fun.

Dear Mr. Internet:

Silky screen sliding below my fingertips,

Everything I want to know,

Communication at hyper speed, sometimes misunderstood or unread.

Yoga, how to, music, TV, unknowns, insanity at free at all and any hour.

How do you define “friend” or “follower?”

Nothing I need to know.

Words flow from heart to synapses to fingertips in a beautiful sequence not far from a pianist’s grace.

Ideas bounce from brain to screen to brain and back again, across the planet, across the divides.

A new appendage, the ear pod birthright of those born more recently.

The great distraction, attraction, entertainer, isolator of the masses.

Reading and Writing are having their due.


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