How to Market Your Self Publishished Ebook

To Market, to Market, to Market, we shall go!

Growing up, my family owned a chocolate factory.  Yes, that was a dream life for a kid and a great way to learn to work hard and market.

In 1983, I was thirteen, and my dad gave me the responsibility of being the “Assistant Manager” of his market stand at Columbia Market.

What this really meant was that I was left in charge of the candy stand on Saturday mornings  while he drove over to the neighboring Park City Mall to drop off the weekly inventory of gummy candies and chocolates.

I sold candy and Utz chips by the pound.  I made sure the display glass was clean and the candy boxes filled.  I smiled and greeted customers and fellow market workers.  I learned to work at a market.  I learned to market.

Jump to 2011, I’m 42 and finally using those 29 year old skills.

And learning more.


I can’t see why I wouldn’t make my books available electronically and print on demand through because of the simple fact that as an author I would make 70% of the purchase price. Yeah, SEVENTY percent.

If you haven’t already, read my blog about this AHA moment.

From my first book, 102 Reading Response Lessons,  published by Corwin Press, I am paid THREE dollars for each book sold.  I have always been very thankful to Corwin for taking a chance on an unpublished author and I acknowledge that they had to pay the editors, copy editors, cover designers, rent, benefits, marketing (mail, web, conferences, etc.) and who knows what else upfront.   I understand that they run a business and have to make a profit on top off all of their expenses.

AND- I created the concept for that book, wrote it, edited it and marketed it to Corwin.  I spent a minimum of one day a week and two hours every day working on that book from January to April of 2005.  My writer’s group spent two full days helping me edit the final version before I sent it to the copy editor.  My name is on the cover.   Without me, Corwin wouldn’t have had a book to publish.

Do I deserve more than $3 for every copy sold at a cover price of $39.99?

Jump to 2011.  I have one novel written, revised three times and nearly copyedited.  I have another novel ready for revision.  I love to spend my time writing, revising and copy editing.  I proved I can do this for four or more hours a day.

The next stumbling block that I will turn into a stepping stone?

How to get the world to know about my book and buy it.  Today is devoted to learning as much as possible about this!

What do you know?


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