When I grow up, I want to be the dog.

Mommy Fantasy

When I grow up I want to be the dog.

“Ok, Mommy,” said my two year old daughter.

“You can have the operation,” the seven year old agreed.

They decided that

I’d have to eat dog food,

crawl on all fours and

run around naked.

These terms I happily accept.

(Every plan has its downfall.)

I hunger to be the dog

and be taken care of

for all of my

luxurious life.

I can shirk

my responsibilities:

work, housecleaning,

motherhood, marriage.

I hope they will let me inside

all day

so I can read.

(My sweet dog secret.)

After school and work,

My family will shower me with attention

and sneak me their leftovers

under the table.

I will lounge in front of the fireplace

and chase a few balls for fun.

But my husband caught wind of the plan

(I think the cat told him!)

and decisively declared:

“I am not


with the dog!”



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dog says:

    Oo Great post, I have five Malamutes and three Bloodhounds, there so much fun.

    1. Thanks Dog! I have only four dogs…:)

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