My book blurb and Caption Friday

Eli Waters is tired of his life as a Middle School Music teacher- the commute, the uninspired students, the lack of time for his own composition. 

When he finds a body in his trash bin and the police locate numerous clues to link him to the crime,  Eli discovers that being wrongly accused of murder can change your life.

Besides writing, revising and editing, there are many other chores to get a book to market.

This morning I  worked on the blurb,which was difficult because, especially in a murder mystery, you don’t want to give too much away.

Two tips for today:

1.    If you work on several computers and are constantly emailing things to yourself or saving them on your jump drives, check out  You install it on your computers and it AUTOMATICALLY updates your files through the web.

2.  It’s much easier to navigate your novel, or other large work if you use the “document map” feature in Word.  You can make chapter titles as headings so it creates a kind of table of contents that you can view right next to your work.  No more flipping through page after page trying to find that section about the guy with the dog.  🙂

One strange/funny thing:

1.  There’s this thing in my novel about making a cake to welcome someone home from jail.  I blogged about it over the summer while I was writing it.  One of my most common search engine hits comes from people googling:  “welcome home from jail cake.”  Maybe truth is stranger than fiction.

Today is also Friday, and in an attempt to make this blog more entertaining, I’ve decided to being “Caption Friday.”  Every Friday, I will post a picture, and you my blog  readers, get to write a caption.  Just for fun, Just for Fridays.

Here’s the first picture:


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