Metaphorically pregnant

I’ve been working hard on the novel this week.   It is developing slowly.

Three days home from work with a nasty cold really helped, believe it or not!

I’m definitely in the home stretch as far as completion goes, but like a very pregnant mother awaiting a natural birth-

the last few days can be the longest. My littlest was a full week overdue, so I know a bit about this waiting game.

Also like a pregnant mother, I’ve been preparing the nursery for my “baby,”  the novel.

In the “old days,”  before the epublishing revolution began, preparing the metaphorical nursery meant finding a  publisher or at least an agent.  It meant years of rejection, revision and stress until the baby was perfected, accepted and published.

In recent times, preparing the nursery has gotten a whole lot wilder.

Since I plan to epublish, I need to establish a “platform” (the baby’s room)

complete with a blog (crib), facebook presence (changing table) and twitter followers (cloth diapers).

I need to have a cover designed (baby clothes) , a book trailer made (stroller) possibly pay an ebook  formatting company (baby swing)

to make sure the book looks good on all of  the different ereaders.

Some “mothers” also pay copy editors (midwives), although I’m lucky enough to have my writing group for that (midwives  who barter).

I don’t think that epublishing a quality product worth reading takes less  time  or work than publishing in the traditional  route.  I feel like there is more responsibility on my laboring  shoulders to figure it out and do it right the first time.

The baby is the most important part.


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