Daily schedule at our Writing Retreat

Here’s a typical day from this year’s retreat:

730- wake up on your own
745- quick walk around the neighborhood before the heat gets above 90 °

neighborhood LVC
815-yogurt, fruit and coffee
830- write, edit, revise, work on current goal (set goals on day one)
1030/1100- make some eggs, spinach, cheese scramble, use leftovers as much as possible

Keep working!

computer-820281_1280 (1)

200ish- eat again if hungry, more coffee or trip to Starbucks/McDonalds for free internet to submit work, post reviews, communicate.

M & Ms and words

300-10 keep working!!

1030- dip in the hot tub with a glass of wine
1100- read & sleep!

Before the this year’s trip, Jackie spent a week with her childhood girlfriends.  She told me that they kept asking, “What will you do when you finish writing for the day?”  She said she kept answering, “We’re never finished!”


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