Sweet Romance Set in Hawai’i, Set for release: October 7th!!


I’m so excited that my romantic novella Star of My Heart will be released on October 7th by Books to Go Now.  During the retreat this year, I worked on the final draft, prepared it for submission and SENT IT IN.  In less than a month, I heard from Books to Go Now that they wanted to publish it!

Fast forward through the final edits, the cover (I love it!) and now we’re ready for the Book Release!  Hooray!

Here is the back cover blurb:

Schools forbid principals from dating school personnel, but that doesn’t stop Katherine “KT” Tucker, principal of a rural Hawaiian elementary school, from falling hopelessly in love with her newest job applicant, Buck Pali.  KT is desperate to hire a new teacher after unruly and disrespectful children cause their assigned teacher to quit mid-year.

A work driven and career focused woman, KT can barely stand to be in the same room as Buck because her stomach clenches, hands shake and heart aches.

From the moment they meet, KT is smitten, but conflicted.

     If KT takes a risk on the sexy young Buck, will he reciprocate or accuse her of sexual harassment?  Will her carefully built career collapse or will she grow old filled with regret? 


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