The Life of a Published Author

I was originally published in 2005 and then again just today.  What is the daily life of a writer like?

Here’s some photos of my last two days:

IMG_20151005_150712922 IMG_20151006_110756915 IMG_20151006_124541890 IMG_20151006_191538347

Looks relaxing right?  But that was a two day vacation, not normal life.  Here’s some pics of normal life:

(Oh, there’s no pics of normal life!!  I’m too busy to take them!)

Here’s a typical day:

545: wake up and scurry around getting ready for school/work

640: drive to work

730-400: teach 5th graders

4-410: drive home

410: help with homework, drive kids to activities, housework, dinner, etc.  Husband is a great help here!

6:00: dinner

7:30: put kids to bed by reading a chapter book

8:00: help hubby with his college work, read, take care of mundane tasks

8:30-9:00: Write or do social media tasks or lie in bed exhausted

9:30:  Sleep!

Once a year- Writing Retreat!!

Three times a year: two week break where I try to write as much as possible.

Summer: Write and deal with children.

Ah, the life!!

I’ve done many things in the past to squeeze more time out of the day for writing.  One summer (2011) I wrote in the back of my minivan while parked at Volcano National Park from 6-10 AM.  That actually worked pretty well.

I’m always working on a new plan and I feel like I need one soon.