Keep Going!!

I’m at that stage in noveling where everything I else I ever wrote becomes really interesting.  As in, “hmmm…let me reread the notebook I wrote during that mystery novel.  Maybe I should revive that one.”

NO, no reviving old novels, no excessive house cleaning, no out of town guests…

This is November, the month when novels get written.  🙂hikers-952535_1920

Friday, I wrote at Panera with two teachers from my school who are nanowrimoing and we cranked out 500 words before they had to head home to dogs and out of town guests.

Saturday, I helped my husband write a college paper about the book of Proverbs.

Today, at 6:30 pm, I finally hit the laptop and in three hours finished 1000 words and hit 10,000 for the month.

Yipppeeee!!  (Yes, I know that’s only 1/5 of 50,000- the Nanowrimo goal, but I don’t care, writing is WRITING!)


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