Tales of Christmas are dancing in my head…

Christmas has been over for more than a week, I almost have it all cleaned up and put away.  We’re focusing on the new year and moving forward.

me with reindeer horns

One of the ways I’m moving forward is by working on a novella length Christmas romance that my dear friend Jacquolyn Mcmurray and I are hoping to publish as a “duet” in November.  (A duet is when there are two authors and two stories in one volume.)

I’ve been dreaming and daydreaming, the story brewing in my head.  This is unusual for me.  I guess I usually have so much in my head, there’s not time, space or energy for the characters to bounce around in there.  But, winter break means getting up late and long walks.

One character: I’m thinking of a young man who graduated from college and moved to Hawai’i to teach for two years with Teach for America.  He planned it for several years and saw it as a peace corps experience.  But after only a month or two, he is so worn down and homesick, he’s thinking of leaving during winter break.  What or who will help him through Christmas?  Will he stay and persevere or leave, with no self-respect remaining?  We’ll see….

(I don’t know yet either!)

I’m praying for a wondrous new year where God uses me in every way possible, including in this Christmas romance.

I’m praying for you too.





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