darlene in cali sitting on railing July 15, 2015

Daily schedule at our Writing Retreat

July 10, 2015


M & Ms and words

What do you do when you finished writing?

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Talking about writing with a teacher: balance and habit

July 6, 2015



The constant struggle for time to write and novel planning-

Must Love Writing

July 2, 2015


kris funny profile pic

Goal: blog 4 times per week. Explore teacher as writer and writer as teacher passions. Find out if blog shares like "Six Sentence Sunday" still exist. Connect with other writers/teachers/readers.

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Rudy, a chapter book for young readers

July 2, 2014


AT pic of bike path

Two young sisters stumble upon an abandoned fawn in the forest and name it Rudy.  This summer my family & I visited Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania, which is the setting of Rudy. Here are some photos.

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June 17, 2014



I awoke yesterday from a 3 year coma & return to my blog with a completed & yet unpublished kids’ chapter book & romance novella.  No, the coma didn’t happen, but the writing did!  I’d be crazed to wake up in Texas (not Hawaii?) With 5 kids (not 3?).  Now, e-publishing has come far, fb […]

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