I awoke yesterday from a 3 year coma & return to my blog with a completed & yet unpublished kids’ chapter book & romance novella.  No, the coma didn’t happen, but the writing did!  I’d be crazed to wake up in Texas (not Hawaii?) With 5 kids (not 3?).  Now, e-publishing has come far, fb is useful for authors & pinterest is a thing!

If you read my blog back in the day- hope you welcome my return!

If you’re a new reader- browse some of the old posts, they’re where I came from.

Now, let’s get writing!


Six Sentence Sunday #6

Linda jumped up to her feet so quickly that her knee hit the table and her coffee spilled across the suspect list.  She danced around the patio.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it.  Why didn’t I see it?”  she yelled.

 It hadn’t taken her a minute to place that face.   There weren’t too many kids like her- with those big buck front teeth and the red hair. 

Summer time and Six Sentences- a perfect match.  Happy Sunday Everyone. 


Six Sentence Sunday is BACK!

I’m excited to spend a few hours communing with all the other awesome writers this week on Six Sentence Sunday!

Here’s my offering from my Work in Progress, It Would Be So Easy.  I am getting it out to my “first readers” this week and then I’ll be nervously awaiting their valuable feedback.

“Have a seat on the couch,” Eli said, “did they get that poor dead guy out of my garbage yet?”

The stocky one took off his uniform cap.  Eli was wishing he could touch the officer’s beautiful red hair when the officer leaned forward and looked at Eli hard like he was trying to read something small and far away.  “Sir,”

Eli reached for the wall to steady himself.  It had been a long time since he’d been called sir. 

“Sir,” he said again, “there was a dead body on your property and you called 911 to report it, is this correct?”

Happy Sunday, everyone!


No Six Sentence Blog this week- other thoughts on the internet and life

Well, the wonderful Sara Brookes over at Six Sentence Sunday is taking a break this weekend to move the blog to another site.

I love reading everyone’s six sentences every Sunday and meeting great new authors and their works, but posting my own and reading/commenting on Saturday eve and Sunday morning does take a big chunk of time.

I’m taking advantage of this week off to write about some topics I’ve been pondering and to work hard at the final revision of my forthcoming novel, It Would Be So Easy.

I think a lot about technology and how it affects our lives.  It seems it is possible to integrate tech into nearly every aspect of our lives.

Here is a list of just some of the things we can currently do with internet technology:

  1. track everything we do online at specialize websites- gardening, book reading, exercise, health, sex acts, driving, hiking…

  2. participate in social networks to discuss and advertise everything we do on networking sites.

  3. read about other people’s lives, specialized or not, on their blogs, websites, tweets and status updates.

  4. research everything we ever wanted to know and more, including that weird pain in your right ankle and who is dating Shania Twain,

  5. communicate with experts in many fields, teachers, mentors, and colleagues.

  6. see what addresses across the globe look like and locate goods/services/activities everywhere.

  7. pay our bills, transfer funds to friends/businesses,  and manage our banking activity.

  8. download music, lectures, videos, vlogs, tv shows, movies…

  9. learn about individual perspectives of people living anywhere with access to the internet,

  10. create and store: music, documents, art pieces, new technologies…

  11. ask people to donate money toward your latest project, favorite charity or kid next door,

  12. play games.  play games with people across the globe.

  13. manage the addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, birth dates of your family, friends and colleagues.

I know there are more.  And more being created at this very moment!!  I’m wondering if I can even live without the internet, let alone- TV, cell phone, gps…oh my…they’re adding up, aren’t they?

What if one were to go “full tech” for a year and then a year as a luddite?  

And yes, I know that Luddites were really pro-worker and not so anti-tech,

I just like the word!!

I think the only way I could do that would be to move to a new very luddite place..Amish country?  Don’t worry, being from Amish Country in PA, I know I can’t just “join” them…but could I find some sort of anti internet community??  I think it would be very hard to just stop using the internet in my “normal” life.  How could I….well…see above!!

What about you, reader?  Do you think you could live without the internet for a few months?  Would you want to?

What is your favorite internet use?

Six Sentence Sunday #5- Mystery

I haven’t been much of a blogger lately, just getting my six sentences up every Saturday eve, but now that school’s out for summer, I’m hoping to be a better blogger and get that book done as well.

I have 39 days of freedom + a very supportive darling husband and kiddos, a plan for hubby to finish the house and me to finish the book and offer it for sale electronically YES!!  It will be done.

Here’s my six for this week, still from the current Work In Progress, It Would Be So Easy, a murder mystery that includes a trip to Amish country, a facebook connection and a fear of dogs.

Here’s some of a conversation between Eli and an Amish man, Hiram:

“Don’t you work?” Hiram asked.

“Yeah, I work in Philadelphia, but I had to take off because there was, uh,  some,  trouble at my house,”  Eli said, thinking he should have just pretended to be on vacation.

“Oh, trouble? Are you ok?”  Hiram asked, exhaling smoke.

“Yes, but I found a dead man outside my house on Monday night and now everyone thinks I did it,”  Eli told him, dropping his cigar to the ground and stamping it out.

Hiram visibly flinched, taking a step back, “Did it?  You mean you killed him?”  he asked.

Go to http://sixsunday.blogspot.com to read more than 100 awesome excerpts!

Six Sentence Sunday #4 Mystery

 Standing in front of his gorgeous koa wood framed full-length mirror, he admired his pectoral muscles and listened to the distant ring of his cellphone. 

“Leave a message,”  he muttered, thinking about how he hated to be tethered to a phone.

After a shower he would get dressed, eat his frozen lasagna and call his mother. 

He wondered if he should he update his Facebook status.

“Dead  body next to my garbage cans- not a good way to end an already bad day.” 

I’m having a great time building community with all  the other writers at Six Sentence Sunday.

Love it!!!

Publishing these six each week forces me to work on my word choice and sentence structure as I revise my mystery novel It Would Be So Easy for electronic release in June.